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Who said food in Indonesia is cheaper than Malaysia?

Posted by : Kia on Jul 23, 2010 1 comments
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If you are travelling to Pontianak and stopping at their ‘R&R’, you will be so shock to find out that a plate of Nasi Campur, which you pay RM4.50 in Kuching, will cost you equivalent to RM50 at SOSOK. The Nasi Campur, I am referring to, a mixture of 3 components, namely: plain Rice, vegetable plus a slice of chicken. I have been to many places such as Australia, Middle East and South East Asian Countries and Sosok Kalimantan is the most expensive place to eat.

Some called it ‘daylight robbery’ but some to the extend said “They are borne to cheat”.

It is a syndicate that the driver of the buses plying Kuching-Pontianak will stop at Sosok for R&R. The sellers at Sosok (so shock) applied so many tricks such ‘ ambil dulu, nanti kira Pak!’ A friend who travelled with his family was so shock until he refuses to eat after being told of the shocking prices by the seller.

When you enquire why the food is 10 times dearer than in Malaysia, they told you all sort of illogical stories, such as “Itu ayam dari Jakarta!” “Duit Malaysia memang besar!” And the most common answer is ‘Memang begitu Pak!”

Next time you travel, please refrain yourself and advise your friends from buying the food at Sosok. Bring along your own, after all the point is just 2 hours from the Sarawak-Kalimantan border.
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1 comments: for Who said food in Indonesia is cheaper than Malaysia?

  1. Food in Indonesia in general, for her general public is definitely, cheaper. As hygiene creeps into our vocabulary, street food is a taboo, almost.
    The people of Sosok has realised the opportunity to maximise their profit from the situation that exist within this R & R area. Greed also plays an important factor after survial level has been surpassed. It is to no surprise this is happening.

    I remembered a plate of nasi kosong in Long Lama cost Rm5 in the 90's, reason being, the cost of logistic included. But does logistic actually cost that much?