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Religion of Cruelty taught at SMK Agama Limbang

Posted by : Kia on Feb 25, 2010 0 comments
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27 Feb@ Saturday: To our chagrin, all parties except MP YB Hasbi Habibollah started pointing fingers and wasted their time talking about irrelevant issues that is the 'culprits'. Yesterday Datuk Director of Education was talking about sneaking in the phone into the school compound, recording the video and an assault.

STU President was talking about the PIBG and the influence of TV on the school children. And today, Ketua Polis Limbang Superintenden Landi Ilot, talks about Seksyen 323 Kanun Keseksaan.   All these comments are merely escaping from the real crux of the problem.

Kudos to YB Hasbi and YB Abdul Rahman. They are the real wakil Rakyat. Contrary to some people, they were correctly informed about the pertinent issue i.e. the school authorities. Despite coming with the mild tone, YB Abdul Rahman advised both parents and teachers to look for long term solution.

From the fact gathered,  the victims' parent reported the matter to the teacher in charge of Hal Ehwal Pelajar but was vehemently denied for the reason only known to the school authorities. Realising their lackadaisical attitude towards the problem, the parent proceeded to the police.

It was also gathered that the leader of the group was the nephew of the former Pengetua as initially he enjoyed the so-called 'protection' until he became the monster. His line of activities include extortion, taking liquor, bullying and name it. This is what  SMK Agama Limbang is good at.

If you are graduated from Chinese school you have the skill to speak Mandarin, if you are graduated from SMKAL, you come out as a Muslim gangster. This boarding school is plagued with crime, a snapshot of secondary school where authorities allows gangs rule the campus.

25 Feb @ Thursday:
I was personally traumatised by the report posted on Utusan Borneo today - a Form 2 student from Lawas was kicked, punched, and anything you could imagine in the world of gangsterism and thug ism. The victim cried in pain, bleeding and fortunately not dying. Not only that, the aggressors enjoyed the kicking by having the event recorded in video. Cruelty in Religious secondary school.

Can anyone imagine the hell the victim was experiencing and he will forever going to carry the mental trauma for the whole of his life. Rest assured that after this tragedy, the life and behaviour of the victim will never be the same.

Police MUST carry out full investigation without favour or fear and the culprits must be brought to justice to face the music. The police must not protect anyone as this happened in a religious school where bright students from all over 5th Division were pooled.

Police, in their term of reference, must also investigate whether or not the wardens, teachers, the Pengetua and the Education Department were aware of this incident. No stone must be left unturned. Exclusion of these elements are as good as telling half truth.

Whether the Pengetua of the school was aware or not, someone must be accountable as the thugs  were home-grown in the school compound. We hold the Pengetua fully liable and accountable not only for his failure to protect the young students from being bullied but also failed to report the crime to the victim's parent and the police. If really he was not handy on what was happening within his compound, then it is time for him to leave the profession and go flying kites.

Do not waste our time pointing fingers at the students and the culprits. They are naturally law breakers and disobey orders. We were fortunate they brought in the phone (breaking law), otherwise the brutality could have been undetected and embedded as the culture of this religious school.

The school must be cleaned-up from both the thugism and incompetent leaders. Let hope this will be the last case and the last investigation. Or else sending your children to this school will be amounting to committing suicide.

Director of Education, Datuk Dr Julaihi Bujang to be forewarned not to listen to EXCUSES given by both the Pengetua and the Pegawai Pelajaran Bahagian (PPB). All excuses are not only irrelevant but sign of mere stupidity. And we do not expect Sarawak Teacher Union chairman William Ghani Bina to protect the Pengetua as the action tantamount to condonation. He is right when he said "... it should be left to the police to investigate since a report has been lodged by the victim’s father".

While police are doing their duty, we proposed the Pengetua to be suspended to facilitate and fluid details investigation. We want police to act professionally and no unseen hands should get involved which may probably hamper the investigation.

We would like to reiterate that what the public, the parents and the stakeholders wanted to know are not the excuses or the reasons leading to the crime but WHY (1) This crime was not reported to the police (2) The victim's parents were not informed (3) Why the crime happened under your nose?

Unlike in 1980s, the Pengetuas with Grade 48 now are paid handsomely. With monthly salary of more than RM6,000, there is no reason they are not happy with the job. Accepting the post of pengetua is not something you look forward for comfort or mere pride but a responsibility, trust, sincerity, accountability and integrity. Success in managing a school is nothing to do with luck but something to do with hard work, perseverance, commitment and extra-mile.

Pix: The hotels at SMK Agama Limbang that housed around 500 students. From the wording at the fence, we knew the school authorities are quite complacent or perhaps ignorant on what is happening in the school. The word 'RIMAM BERILMU

"SMKAL Berjuang Untuk Juara" Yes, the school will be awarded the champion of  'Cruelty Towards Junior 2010' . It seems that your pursuit of 'JUARA' is more on negative achievement rather than positive.
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